The Role of Natural Libido Increasing Herbs & Supplements

Numerous aphrodisiac and sexually stimulating herbs are available that can help you become more sexually turned on. You can also find multiple natural sources of which can enhance your sex life.

Ingredient Blends

It can be very tough to choose products for enhancing your sexual experiences and increasing your libido if you are not sure what will work and what will not. Sometimes you just have to experiment, but if you are on a limited budget it might be wise for you to review what consumers are saying about specific products.

In the mean time, certain combinations of ingredients such as perhaps L-Arginine, energizing vitamins, and ginseng might be mix with varieties of other ingredients. Other sexually enhancing and libido increasing substances that may be present in a male or female enhancement product include the following: Yohimbe, Muira Pauma, Catauba Bark, Horny Goat Weed, Hawthorne Berry, Saw Palmetto, and more.

Notice also that some of the herbs you find in certain products also have a calming or relaxing affect. This is what helps your central nervous system find it in you to become more attractive again. There are also certain combinations of herbs that are mixed in with some natural supplements that can regulate heart rate. This is done so you do not harm yourself during sex.

Ingredient Role and Function

You can actually find countless herbs, roots, and other plant sources that are mixed together to create a working formula. However, in order to understand which natural product will most increase your libido it may be necessary for you to learn about some of the more popular items out there.

Here is a short description of each of the ones mentioned above:

L-Arginine-This is an amino acid that has long been associated with increasing sexual potency. This substance is often a part of herbal treatments but it also is quite often found in products that stimulate human growth hormone production. It helps increase ejaculation semen volume and results in more powerful orgasms for either men or women.

B Complex Vitamins-These may be found in certain supplements that can help provide energy and reduce stress and/or anxiety. This is one way that you can heighten your sexual awareness, which helps you become more interested in sex.

Ginseng-For some people, the use of this substance alone can be enough of an aphrodisiac. It is one of the more common choices of natural substances that are used to increase libido.

Sometimes sexual pleasure and excitement is also increased when this root is mixed with caffeine, especially that which occurs naturally in green tea. It often is mixed in with taurine in energy drinks, too.

Yohimbe-It has an aphrodisiac affect on both men and women. It also is considered a stimulant and is often used to help increase libido as well as energy.

Muira Pauma-One of the most invigorating herbs for men is this one. It may help women too. The main role of it is to increase libido and help a man achieve and maintain a longer, harder erection.

Catauba Bark-It is believed that this one helps make the penis grow. It also heightens a mans senses and provides him a more pleasurable sexual experience. It also can intensify orgasms.

Horny Goat Weed-If any herb can turn a man (or woman) on it is this one. It has often been used in formulas to help a man get a harder erection. It also is one that helps a man or woman be more interested in sex.

Hawthorne Berry-Usually this plant source is added to popular supplements in order to increase blood flow and circulation. This is what helps man get a “hard one” and it also is what would make the clitoris of a woman’s vagina hard.

Saw Palmetto-Often this is used to help make a man’s penis grow. It also is considered a stimulant, and therefore has a positive affect on a man’s energy level.

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