Herbs that Increase the Female Libido

Contrary to a belief at one time that sex was only meant to be enjoyable for men, evidence points to other conclusions. When a man and a woman both have a great time, the relationship as a whole is always better.

For one, neither partner is then likely to feel inadequate nor are they likely to be as prone to cheating. Of course, there never is an excuse for cheating but there also is not an excuse for depriving your partner of his or her marital (or relationship) rights-at least not for too long.

Top Choices

Damiana-The number one herb for women usually is. This is a powerful plant substance of Mayan descent that has been making women happy for centuries. It helps a woman achieve an orgasm and it helps her enjoy increase orgasmic pleasure.

Ginseng-This herb helps increase libido in women. It often is mixed in energy drinks as well as in popular female enhancement drugs. You might find it with other stimulant substances including mildly caffeinated green tea and/or taurine.

Ginkgo-This often is associated with men, but women can use it too. It actually helps improve mental focus and helps a woman stay present and in the moment during sex.

Dong Quai-This may or may not be combined with other top herbs such as damiana in a specially formulated female enhancement product. It has a powerful affect on a woman’s overall health and well-being, which reduces stress and increases libido.

Muira Pauma-Women as well as men use this product. It comes from the Amazon and it increases the ability of a woman to become aroused while having sex. It also is one herb that helps a woman enjoy sex and reach an orgasm.

L-Arginine-Oftentimes, this is an ingredient present in human growth hormone (HGH) products. It is one of the amino acids that helps improve sexual functioning and has a positive affect on increasing libido and sexual performance. It can get a woman’s blood pumping to the right places as it does for a man.

Genian-More research is being conducted on this plant source and it’s affect on increasing female libido. It helps improve a woman’s overall health and well being so her body functions better as a whole unit. This of course is very helpful when having sex.

Licorice-This is another libido increasing substance. You might find it combined with other natural substances such as Black Cohosh, Red Clover, and Kudzu

A number of other herbs might also be present in female enhancement products. Do not be surprised if these are the same ingredients you see in certain products that are used to help increase male libido.

Even though men and women are a little different, there happens to be certain herbs that work well for both genders. The ones above are ideal for women but other natural resources that may help increase female libido include the following: Tribulus Terrestris, Hops Extract, Niacin, Ginkgo Biloba,

Sometimes the libido increasing substances mentioned on this page are combined with mood stabilizing herbs. This is done in an effort to help a woman who is experiencing depression and/or is stressed out due to pregnancy or menopause hormonal changes.

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