Practical ways to Natural Increase Your Libido

There are many ways to naturally increase your libido, and these can intensify the lovemaking sessions of couples who still love each other but that have lost the passion. It also can strengthen the level of intimacy between newer sexual partners who may be compatible in every way but do not have a high level of attraction to one another.

By the way, when we talk about increasing the libido naturally we are talking about finding ways to do so without taking any drugs or supplements. If these are needed later on you may benefit from them, especially when combined with these natural sexual arousal techniques.

Helpful Tips

You can take advantage of many aphrodisiacs out there-and this is true of both men and women. On that note, you should realize that alcohol is not necessarily one of them. This might work to help relax a person on occasion but in the long run it can actually cause impotence along with low sperm count.

One of the more practical ways to “get your motor running” is to participate in regular exercise. Maybe a 30-minute power walk or run in the morning helps. Either that or some other type of physical activity such as playing on a sports’ team might be to your advantage.

Of course, if your work is more physically demanding not as much exercise to increase your libido may be necessary. In this case, maybe taking a short nap will help because if you are too physically exhausted that will not help you increase your libido either.

This may sound like a contradiction, but the key here is balance. You have to have enough rest at night and/or perhaps a nap in the afternoon/evening before you “go at it,” or if you work at a desk all day you need to “release” all that energy stored up in you. Either way, the goal is to relieve stress and/or give yourself a mental break.

Other ways to turn both you and your partner on naturally is to do one or more of the following:

Talk sweet to one another throughout the day. For instance, say to your partner “I love you” or flirt with him or her and make him/her feel attractive by saying sexy things. It is always just as important to make your longtime partner you know well feel wanted as it would be to flirt with a mere stranger.

After all, you don’t have to live with the well-built mailman, sexy cocktail waitress, kind delivery boy, or stunning lounge singer do you? (Even if you do when you get to know that individual as a real person it can be easy to take him/her for granted. Therefore, make sure you don’t.

Share your fantasies with your partner. This helps even if you do not actually end up carrying out all details of the fantasy. Even stimulating sexual talk can turn the both of you on. For instance you can say “I’d like to do it in…” and share some very interesting desires!

By all means, take a shower! You would be surprised at how sexually aroused you and your mate will be if you both remember to take a shower. A good body spray or perfume put on you also helps tremendously.

These of course are not all of what you can do to increase your natural libido. You can also find many foods, toys, and interesting items to add to your play.

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